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Day in the Life: October 30, 2015

Update: I found this post when I was going through and editing my drafts folder last summer.  While no longer timely, I thought it would be fun to post this a year later to see how things have changed.  I’ll be back in a few days with a recap of October 28, 2016, God-willing :). 

Hi! Liam was away for work at the end of October and because I had a lot of time on my hands I decided to document one of my “new normal” days. This was less than a month into our New England adventure and everything was still very new and exciting even though this may appear like the most mundane of posts.

I’m not a great morning person, so I like to spend a bit of time each evening compensating for my future self hitting the snooze button. I lay out what I’ll wear the next day, pack my lunch and make sure that my work tote and anything I’m leaving with in the morning is set to go. The weatherman said that we would have a sunny day and a high of 52 which is almost balmy for the end of October. We had already seen snow at this point, but thankfully it didn’t stick around. Not quite as balmy as the previous day’s 70, but still beautiful.

6:00 am. It takes me about 25 minutes to get out the door each morning. I shower, deal with my hair, get myself dressed and grab my tote, lunch and (on any other day) the coffee that L has made as I head for the door each morning. I’m a woman of many talents, but making coffee is just not one of them so I’ll be relying on the office Keurig this am.

6:45 am. I generally like to be out the door by 6:30 each morning but because I walk to work I prefer it to be light enough that I can make out faces and distinguish the silhouettes further in the distance. I love living so close to work even if it does mean our apartment is ridiculously expensive for what we have.  Today I left at 6:45 and the difference was huge.  Since the time change is this weekend I’ll be back to my normal routine on Monday.

7:01 am. We’re all signed in for the day and ready to get cracking. Even though we have a very flexible start time at least half of my office is in before 7 each morning. On my first day I was told to start at 8:30 and the office was a ghost town by the time I left for the day.

I was very lucky to find a job with Tito Samuel in our desired city, but to err on the side of extreme caution, I am probably not going to go into specifics about my work. I’m doing exactly what graduate school trained me to do and I love that, even if I’m off in a sub-specialty that held little appeal when I was a student.

11:20 am. A good portion of my lunch hours are spent holed up in my office with a good book, but I also occasionally use my lunch hour to attend to miscellaneous errands. Today I’m off to the library and to inquire about a test pass for a gym that I am thinking of joining. Depending on how much time those first two take, I may or may not head to the bank as well.

I have it in my head that noon is when I should eat lunch, but if I’m running errands around town it’s best to leave before 11:30 to beat the rush. That’s especially true if I’m looking to buy lunch. One time I waited 30 minutes for a slice of pizza. Not again.

12:00 pm.  Library and gym errands attended to; I didn’t make it to the bank because I had to wind up buying my lunch.  I took a bite of my sandwich before I left my desk and it was terrible.  The arugula must have gone off or something; it was inedible.

12:20pm – 3:30 pm. Work, work work. I got so immersed in what I was doing that this chunk of time really flew by! Time to head home. I shoot Liam a text telling him to call when he can and letting him know I plan to be in for the night. Wild and crazy Friday over here.

3:30pm. It’s quite nice when I leave the office and I decide to browse in a few stores that I pass on the way home. Mostly I think what I wanted was one last chance to be out and about before settling in for the night.

4:15pm. Home!  I immediately change into sweatpants and a tee and get a call from Liam.  He’s on the road and has several hours of driving ahead of him so we chat for a while.  The moment he and I hang up my mom calls to chat while she commutes home.  I was on the phone for nearly two hours straight.  I hate talking on the phone!

6:15pm.  Dinner.  Liam is a super healthy eater so whenever he’s gone I get to enjoy the bad processed things that he refuses to eat.  Annie’s Mac and Cheese for me!  Dessert (enjoyed immediately after dinner because I was so tired I didn’t think I’d be awake that much longer) was a scoop of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream.

9:20pm.  I’ve just cleaned off the kitchen counters and made the grocery list for tomorrow.  I considered going to the store tonight, but I would have either gone unprepared or I would have been walking home with a ton of groceries when it was really dark out.  Pass.