Month(s) in Review: July, August, September, October (!!!) 2015

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Remember me?

This summer and early part of fall were fraught with stressors. And there were sad things, too: if you’ve been following along you’ll know a few of my family members passed away this summer. These are the first members of my parents’ generation to pass and it’s frightening in many ways.

Lots happened over the past few months that I didn’t want to dwell on (at the time) or remember in detail anymore. The sinking ship that was my mood and my life (so dramatic) finally righted itself toward the end of September. So, let me start there in catching you up on what has been going on around here lately.

1. We moved! I don’t just mean moved to a new apartment. I mean we moved states. And time zones! And climates (sob). That’s right; this is hello from New England! And yes, I already miss Chicago and its pizza.

2. New job! I was in an okay-but-not-great situation back in Chicago. I had a job that I was able to do mostly from home but that wasn’t related to my graduate degree. I got my new job as a direct result of what I studied in grad school – so, yay! I don’t think this is a permanent position for me (as in, I don’t expect to retire from the office I’m sitting in now) but I do think the job has the potential to propel me to that ‘forever’ job.

3. Job offer! Shortly after I began training for my current position I was actually offered another relatively local job. It would probably have required a move to be feasible in the long-term and it was slightly closer to what I dream of doing but there were a few factors that made the role I stayed in much more appealing. Still, I seriously considered switching and it was ultimately a very tough choice.

4. Interview offer! Immediately after I turned down the second offer I was asked if I was interested in interviewing for a third position. The interview will be later this winter. Job #3 is actually a blend of my current job and the one I turned down so I am going to take the interview if timing works in my favor. (If it doesn’t; no big deal.) I’ve never interviewed from a comfortable position before – I’ve always wanted out of the role that I was in, and I feel like I want that experience just so I’m comfortable the next time the situation arises. And I’m not just taking advantage of the opportunity; this is a job that I would also give serious consideration to if offered.

I typed this up on my lunch break and got distracted by the ocean view from my office. I’m going home to my small, quirky apartment that is walking distance from where I work. We may get lobster rolls while running errands on Saturday. My in-laws will likely come down this weekend for dinner and to see our new place. And though my family doesn’t (yet!) have tickets out here there is discussion of their coming once we start to thaw.  Things are very, very good right now.

Liam also had a very stressful summer at work and that was ultimately what pushed us into trying to relocate as quickly as possible. He is currently debating between two job offers here in New England. Neither are the dream job he thought he would have (something fell through; I haven’t pressed much) but both are good options for him while he looks for the next great match.

And that’s where we stand.  Hope things are well with you!


4 thoughts on “Month(s) in Review: July, August, September, October (!!!) 2015

  1. Amanda

    Good grief! So many changes with jobs. That is exciting you have been offered so many in such a short time. You must be in high demand 🙂 I’m sorry you moved from Chicago, but I’m sure NE has the BEST views this time of year. I haven’t been out in that direction for a very long time. I actually told Jordan I wanted to plan a trip out there… really I just want to take a trip somewhere. But anyway, I’m glad things are good right now! It sucks to be in a low spot.

    1. Sara Oss Post author

      Thank you! It really has been a whirlwind. And after so many months of “is this thing on!?” it was nice to get several offers in succession. Let me know if you ever want help planning a trip out this way – I’ve been both tourist and resident multiple times each and love helping people get to know the beauty of this place.

      Also – Chicago got snow first this year!! (Very unusual.) So I’m actually missing it slightly less right now 🙂

  2. Robyn B

    oh no! so sorry to hear that so many of your family passed away!!! my grandpa & uncle passed away a few months apart and they were the first of the family to go (my uncle prematurely) and so it was a super hard time for the family! praying for your family as you’re still healing!!

    wow that really is a lot going on! so many changes but awesome changes!! good luck to Liam in his job search!!!

    we may be in a similar-ish boat next fall… so i may be coming to you for sanity! lol (we may be moving to a different city so i can attend grad school and completely change careers…so eeeek!)

    1. Sara Oss Post author

      Thanks for your thoughts! It has been an insane few months, but things are really settling down. I have moved cross country (well – halfway, considering I was starting from Chicago) three times now so hit me up with any questions you have. My biggest tip? Furnished Rental! But seriously – that’s a huge change for you guys! I can’t wait to hear more about where you’re going and what you’re thinking of studying!!


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