Month in Review: May 2015

So I know people say this every month, but I actually cannot believe it’s June. As I’m writing this it is barely 50 outside and feels more like fall than “meteorological summer”. Thanks for the buzzword Tom Skilling!

Our May was a pretty decent month by any metric you can judge that sort of thing by. Liam spent the entire month with either work or school work, and we’re both looking forward to a more exciting and eventful June. Wish him luck on his finals, guys. He’ll be taking them over the next ten days and then he is free for most of this month.

But back to May.


I started an herb garden this month. (Potted, but such is the apartment life.) I have basil, rosemary and parsley at the moment. I am expecting cilantro from a coworker that I’ll be picking up next time I am in the office. The rosemary isn’t looking very good but this is the most successful basil plant I’ve had yet. Some of the stalks (stalks?) are quite “leggy” but um, it’s alive and growing for now so I am pleased. This week I will be planting a container garden of radishes and possibly getting tomatoes and peppers. We tried to grow squash in containers last year and that went horribly. No squash for me.


I ate my weight in strawberries this month. Seriously. Right now I am still getting produce from Costco but our local farmers markets are expected to start up in the next few weeks. I cannot wait. We live so close to farmland yet our markets are hard to come by. Go figure.

There was a date night this month! I pulled Liam away from his books for a dinner at Gordon Biersch in Bolingbrook. I believe it’s one of those chains that’s sporadicly placed around the country. The food was pretty good and my favorite part was the fact that the restaurant serves proper pints. I like beer but in smaller doses than most people, apparently.


I made things! To wear! That pile of fabric is now a skirt and I am just so pleased with myself. Sin of pride? Yep. Moving on. “Me made May” is a yearly push for “makers” to make good use of their homemade items. Most commonly I have seen bloggers promise to wear a me-made item every day for the month of May. I am a baby sewist but endeavored to make five items during May that were wearable. That was ambitious. In the end I made two items – a skirt and a top and I am happily wearing both. The finished products are both at my parents’ house so I’ll have to show you later.

Speaking of my parents’ place, I spent a week there. In a bit of fortuitous timing, Liam’s worst week academically was also a break week for my co-ed sibling. The co-ed slept 70% of the time at home (oh, finals) and I was able to put in a full work week while getting to spend lots of time with long-lost sibling. I brought the dog with me so Liam had the house to himself and was very productive as well.

States I slept in: IL  No traveling this month either.

Books I read: Gone Girl; and I want all of those hours of my life back. I absolutely hated this book. For those of you who have read it, the “middle” was spoiled for me but I had no idea how it was going to end. Didn’t matter; I didn’t like it at all.

TV shows: Mad Men ended and I thought it was perfect.

Snippets: Like last month Liam has been super busy with school and I have been busy entertaining myself on off hours.  Still working with Duolingo, like last month.  Now I’m looking for better books to read this summer.  Go Blackhawks!!

If this recap seems a little bit light on the substance you’re totally right.  Lots of this month was consumed with work-related things that aren’t particularly interesting.  June holds the promise of many more adventures.  We’re spending Father’s Day with my parents and siblings and taking my dad out to a restaurant in town of his choosing.  I have a trip with some girlfriends of mine coming up very soon and I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures.


5 thoughts on “Month in Review: May 2015

  1. Amanda

    Woo! Blackhawks! We were all watching Game 7 last weekend when I was in Texas. Love me some Chicago sports!

    I tried to keep a basil plant alive and failed miserably. I really want to get an herb garden going at our new house, but I think that will be on next year’s to-do list. I can’t handle it right now, and I’m sure they would all die quickly since my brain is scattered and I wouldn’t take very good care of them.

    I’m impressed by your mad sewing skills. I cannot make anything until it’s a crocheted blanket or scarf. Nothing you can actually wear. I tried to crochet a hat once. Let’s just say it turned out to be a giant circle potholder. RIP, hat.

    1. Sara Oss Post author

      Ditto! I have a hard time getting into the Bulls but maybe now that Thibs is gone they’ll be more fun to watch.

      Our grocery store sells these starter plants right next to the fresh herbs and I think the starters (which are ready to use right away) are either the same price or cheaper, so I figured it was worth it to buy a few. This basil plant has been really touch-and-go already. I’ve nicknamed it ‘diva’ because it needs to be treated juuuuust right or it starts to get unhappy and turn yellow.

      Mad sewing skills I do not have. I’m still in the very beginning stages, but I learn best by being able to make use of a new skill because it keeps me going. Scarves are for wearing! I want to learn to crochet and I think that’s next on my list once I get more comfortable with sewing. How did you learn? And hey…potholders are useful, no?

  2. Cassie C

    That herb pot looks pretty good to me 🙂 I have a lot of similar plants in my garden right now, and I’d say my rosemary looks about the same.

    Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects! I have a couple on the go right now as well. I’m hoping to have a remodel finished and up on the blog soon.

    1. Sara Oss Post author

      Thanks! Sad herb update: I had to take out the rosemary already 😦 Powdery mildew finally overwhelmed it and I didn’t want to risk it spreading.

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