Month in Review: March 2015

As with January and February, here is a summary of what we were up to on March 1.

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By 8:00 am my parents’ house was hopping, probably because one of the boys had the brilliant idea to make a Starbucks run.   All of the siblings and their +1’s had spent the night. My parents headed off to church while the kids sat around the kitchen table chatting and making fun of one another. Have I told you I love spending time with my family? More than anything! (I feel like I need to add a disclaimer here so we don’t seem like a degenerate bunch of siblings – normally when we’re together we’ll worship as a family. But our time was so crunched this weekend that the kids decided to wait and attend Sunday night mass after everyone had gone their separate ways. Sunday evening mass isn’t a thing my dad believes in, so there you go.)

Around midday the college kids headed back to campus and we local siblings went our separate ways as well. L and I planned to get groceries on our way home but my good friend inquired about getting together for a late lunch so we did that instead. We spent several hours together just catching up and talking over plans for a possible summer trip that she and I have been scheming about. It was dark when we left the restaurant and I had to play secretary for L on our ride home because there was a flurry of activity around a group project while we were out.

I dropped Liam at home so he could get to work, went grocery shopping on my own and then came home and enjoyed the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. I am so sad Downton is over for the season!  (ETA – and I’m sad that Downton is ending forever after next season!  That news broke this past week 😦 )

Also really starting to hope that April 1st isn’t a Sunday because they’re quite boring around here.  I am almost tired of writing about them so you must surely be tired of reading about them! 🙂

States I slept in: IL, CO
I traveled for work for the first time this month.  More on that this week.  I so rarely travel alone that it was an odd experience.

Books I read: Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna. On Beauty (a reread). 6/35 for my goal for the year.  I don’t like getting “stuck” in a book but that’s where I am now.  See below.

Book I cannot finish: Kitchen Confidential. It’s rare that I give up on a book but I just can’t get through Bourdain’s writing. Anyone else feel that way?

TV shows: Watched a bit more Parenthood but I must admit that my interest is waning.  So is winter, which is when I watch most of my television anyway.

Snippets: Girl Scout cookies hit our area!  Still dealt with the accident a little bit.  L had a break from classes at the end of the month so we got to do things like go out to dinner and clean the house together.  Saw a relative lot of friends this month.  I feel like the winter hibernation is finally coming to a close!


4 thoughts on “Month in Review: March 2015

  1. Andrea

    So glad for winter to be coming to an end. It has well outstayed its welcome!! I was sad to hear Downton is ending after next season as well. Though it may be time for it to wrap up as there wasn’t near as much action this past season. And sad to hear that Parenthood is slowing down…my husband and I just started the series a few months ago, but we haven’t gotten too far in yet. I was hopeful it would hold both our interest over the long haul…guess time will tell 🙂

    1. Sara Oss Post author

      If it makes you feel better, I really think I’m the outlier with Parenthood. The reason I’ve given it so much time is that everyone else loooooves it and I keep waiting for what I’m missing.

  2. Amanda

    I really REALLY hate giving up on books, but sometimes you have to. I sort of feel that way about the book I’m reading now… it’s a collection of short stories by Alice Munro. I just don’t like short stories! I wish I did because I feel like they’re what all the cool readers like, but I usually don’t like them. But I’m halfway through and really don’t want to quit! I’m pretty used to traveling alone. I feel like I’ve done it a lot. Most of the plane flights I’ve taken have been alone, but I guess I’ve taken most of my road trips with other people. Basically what I’m saying is I often leave Jordan 😉 I haven’t started Downton season 5, so no spoilers! I’m sad it’s ending too. Such a great show!

    1. Sara Oss Post author

      Right now Liam is the one often leaving me, but I think it’s because we’re in my home state and he didn’t leave his home until after college. I would love to always be going back with him, but New England generally isn’t a year-round destination so flights get expensive!!

      Downton and Mad Men are two of my favorite shows since…Gilmore Girls (?) I’m so sad that they are both ending this year. Although I didn’t love season 5 (this is only a spoiler if you haven’t seen promos) I think it’s because of how much the plot revolved around Rose.


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