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Month in Review: March 2015

As with January and February, here is a summary of what we were up to on March 1.

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By 8:00 am my parents’ house was hopping, probably because one of the boys had the brilliant idea to make a Starbucks run.   All of the siblings and their +1’s had spent the night. My parents headed off to church while the kids sat around the kitchen table chatting and making fun of one another. Have I told you I love spending time with my family? More than anything! (I feel like I need to add a disclaimer here so we don’t seem like a degenerate bunch of siblings – normally when we’re together we’ll worship as a family. But our time was so crunched this weekend that the kids decided to wait and attend Sunday night mass after everyone had gone their separate ways. Sunday evening mass isn’t a thing my dad believes in, so there you go.)

Around midday the college kids headed back to campus and we local siblings went our separate ways as well. L and I planned to get groceries on our way home but my good friend inquired about getting together for a late lunch so we did that instead. We spent several hours together just catching up and talking over plans for a possible summer trip that she and I have been scheming about. It was dark when we left the restaurant and I had to play secretary for L on our ride home because there was a flurry of activity around a group project while we were out.

I dropped Liam at home so he could get to work, went grocery shopping on my own and then came home and enjoyed the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. I am so sad Downton is over for the season!  (ETA – and I’m sad that Downton is ending forever after next season!  That news broke this past week 😦 )

Also really starting to hope that April 1st isn’t a Sunday because they’re quite boring around here.  I am almost tired of writing about them so you must surely be tired of reading about them! 🙂

States I slept in: IL, CO
I traveled for work for the first time this month.  More on that this week.  I so rarely travel alone that it was an odd experience.

Books I read: Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna. On Beauty (a reread). 6/35 for my goal for the year.  I don’t like getting “stuck” in a book but that’s where I am now.  See below.

Book I cannot finish: Kitchen Confidential. It’s rare that I give up on a book but I just can’t get through Bourdain’s writing. Anyone else feel that way?

TV shows: Watched a bit more Parenthood but I must admit that my interest is waning.  So is winter, which is when I watch most of my television anyway.

Snippets: Girl Scout cookies hit our area!  Still dealt with the accident a little bit.  L had a break from classes at the end of the month so we got to do things like go out to dinner and clean the house together.  Saw a relative lot of friends this month.  I feel like the winter hibernation is finally coming to a close!


2015 Word of the Year

I realize that we’re already halfway through March (goodness!) and that everyone and her sister has already done this, but I wanted to share my word of the year for 2015.

The idea is something that I have been tossing around in my head since January, but couldn’t get myself to commit to until this past weekend. I picked a bit of an odd word – you’ll see – and I kept trying other words on to see if they would fit better. But then something happened this weekend to absolutely convince me that I had chosen the right word.

You know how people say that sermons and homilies really speak to them? How people will say that something they heard touched them and was exactly what they needed at that very moment. Yeah….that has never been me. I appreciate a good homily as much as the next person. A good argument well presented is one of my favorite things.

So imagine my surprise in typing out these next words: the homily at Sunday’s mass really convicted me. I now see that my chosen word is completely appropriate for this stage in my life. The priest used my word not once, but twice in his homily. And the message was exactly what I needed to hear at this very moment.

My word for this year is redoubled. Redoubled? Yes. Odd, right? It means to “make or become greater; more intense”. The homily itself was about Lent, and how we’re at the part of the season where our resolve is fading, our excitement over the changes that we are making in our lives is waning. This is the point at which we need to redouble our efforts so that we can live well during these last few weeks rather than slog along until Easter.

There are a few aspects of this stage in my life that aren’t all that great. There are projects that I’ve started and am stalling on because we’re in that stage where it is hard to see progress.

Do better. Work harder.

I need to redouble my efforts in a few areas of my life in order to see the progress that I am looking for. And last Sunday gave me even more motivation to do so.

Month in Review: February 2015

Ah, February. The month of love and cold. And snow. Oh, there was much snow. Even though the month is short we have a lot to celebrate. My husband’s birthday. My BIL’s birthday. Valentine’s Day. The Superbowl. Looking back, it feels like the month was packed with parties. No complaints here!

Like last month, I thought it would be fun to do a recap of February 1st. I think (hope) it will make for an interesting read at the end of the year.  Like I mentioned in my day-in-the-life post, we had plans to watch the Super Bowl with my parents and because of an impending snow storm they actually requested that we come by Saturday evening.


Sunday morning we woke up to almost white-out conditions and L, my dad and I headed outside to get working on snow removal.  I can’t believe that February 1 was the first time this winter that I needed to do that.  My parents headed to church and I watched a sermon online because I was still working on a neighbor’s driveway when it was time to leave.  I love that my parents live in a neighborhood where people take care of each other – helping single moms with the shoveling, passing snowblowers around from family to family and kids out helping alongside their parents.  It actually reminds me a lot of the neighborhood I grew up in, so I’m not surprised my parents chose to relocate here.  After taking care of the snow L did homework and I helped my mom go through her closet and discard things that didn’t fit or work for her anymore.

Superbowl food

Regarding the Superbowl itself, we were most definitely a house divided. My husband is a native New Englander and his roots kicked in just before kickoff. Being an avid Chicago Bears fan myself, I was clearly obliged to cheer for the team that knocked Green Bay out of contention and that made me a Seattle fan for the day. I also quite like the city of Seattle itself, very much enjoy Skittles (can someone explain the association between Skittles and the Seahawks to me?) and find Boston sports fans obnoxious on all levels.  It wasn’t a difficult decision.  I’m not a Katy Perry fangirl, but I thought she was a brilliant choice for the halftime show.  She did an excellent job of captivating everyone we were watching with and I thought it was a really fun performance.  The commercials this year were really….heavy.  They were much less fun.  We headed home immediately after the game ended because that was when the roads were clear and the snow the lightest it had been in hours.


Other notable events included Valentine’s Day and Liam’s birthday.  I read quite a lot and was able to make my miles biked goal rather easily.  That was a huge relief after a January where I was hardly able to workout on account of the car accident.  We were hoping for a boring, inexpensive month and that is exactly what we got.

States we slept in: IL

Books read: Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (my thoughts are here).  An abridged version of The Five Love Languages – definitely not interested in reading the full thing anymore.   That puts me at 4/35 for the year because I’m not counting the Love Languages overview.

TV shows watched: Parenthood.  House of Cards.  Downton Abbey.  Friday Night Lights.  Oookay, that’s a ton of television for me.  Looking back I’m not sure how that happened, but now it makes sense that I didn’t get through many books.

Projects completed: Inspired by Marie Kondo I did a fairly significant purge of our household items and my personal belongings.  I also helped my parents do the same when I spent the weekend with them.  I tracked our spending on a daily basis (boring!) and cooked fish for the first time.

Dates: We celebrated Liam’s birthday dinner at a new brewpub near our house and went for Thai food on Valentine’s Day.  Technically we left for the Superbowl in January and I think that our two dates may have been the only times all month that we left the house together.  Thanks, grad school.

Snippets: More aftermath of the accident to deal with – not complaining; it was just very time consuming.  Received our tax refund and put it in savings like boring people.   Shoveled so much snow at the beginning of the month.  Liam had midterms and I spent a weekend with my parents.  Celebrated lots of birthdays.

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