Day in the life : January 31 2015

I have done a “day in the life” post before but I picked a work day to document.    This time I thought I would capture a normal Saturday for us.  It was actually a lot of fun to jot down notes at random parts of my day, and now that I’m going back and editing this post I already notice a few small things I had forgotten about. Saturday January 31st was a pretty typical one for us. My husband is back in school which means that he spends Saturday and most of Sunday on schoolwork and I am left to entertain myself.

The only atypical things about this particular Saturday were the lovely weather (almost 40!) and the fact that the Super Bowl was the following day which meant I did all of the house chores in one day instead of two since we were headed out to a party on Sunday.

7:58 was the first time I saw on the clock. I finally got out of bed at 8:12 after much prodding from both the husband and the dog. Normally the dog likes to sleep in like me and I have no idea why he flipped sides this particular morning. I think he is annoyed at me because I said he was too chubby for treats right now. #winterpug

I’m currently reading a really interesting novel set in my MIL’s hometown.

photo 1 (1)

9:25: it is a lovely January day and I took the pup out for a walk around the neighborhood. I snapped this picture because it shows about how much snow was on each lawn (boot for reference :)). This is crazy for late-January in the upper midwest, but we were supposed to get hit with a big storm this evening.

photo 2 (1)

10:13 back from our walk and time for breakfast. Granola and blueberries isn’t the most filing option I could have chosen but since it was so late in the morning I didn’t want to ruin lunch.

photo 3 (1)

The next hour or so was a pretty random blur. I called my mom about a recipe, put away laundry and picked up around the house. There was some blog reading in here as well. I am starting to get the sneaking suspicion that Mr. Student is going to want to go out for lunch.


11:41 I am adulting: tracking our spending for the month. I also have a grocery list going on the side. Still waiting for the student to say he wants a break. I’m ready with errands when he does!



1:14 leaving the grocery store in search of some lunch. We are supposed to get almost a foot of snow overnight and people were going crazy!!  (ETA: there actually was quite a lot of snow and most schools and workplaces shut down on Monday.  In retrospect I understand the clamor a whole lot better.)


1:40: We decided to take a detour on our way home and stop at That Burger Joint for burgers and a game of chess. (I knew L was going to want to go out!) I lost the first one in four moves…and I very nearly won the second game but flaked out at the very end. Chess is not my strong suit.

photo 2

2:10: Netflix on my iPad because L decided he wanted to be in the same room as me but I couldn’t make noise 🙂

3:00: My mom called and asked if we would do a few things around their house and around town because she isn’t able to drive right now. So I ran over and helped her out and then stopped by Starbucks on my way back home.

photo 3

4:56: More Netflix.  I’m just now starting Parenthood because of all of the rave reviews it has gotten. Gilmore Girls is one of my top three favorite shows and so far Lauren Graham is just as great in this show. I’m going to watch another episode before contemplating dinner.

6:25: My mom called us (again) and asked that we come by tonight on account of the snowstorm that is supposed to hit. That way we will already be here for the game Sunday afternoon and we can help my dad shovel. I adore my parents and enjoy spending time with them. Finding this candy bar was an excellent bonus.  Double bonus: no need to contemplate dinner any longer!


9:25:  We barely made it to the parents’ before the snow started and I have just gotten in from shoveling and changed into pajamas. More reading with the Chicago Blackhawks on in the background

And there is no picture to show here but at midnight on the dot I was the last one awake and watching the end of the Blackhawks game by myself.  The end.


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