Thanksgiving recap: Coffee Date, Volume 4

Good afternoon! Though I’m linking up a bit late I’m glad for the opportunity to share a bit about Thanksgiving and hear about yours as well.

Sadly we’re back from Thanksgiving with my side of the family already. We left early Saturday morning (today) so that my husband could get back to studying for finals. My family has so much fun together that it’s not a very study-friendly environment. I guess that’s a mixed blessing at this point, really.

The high note of my week was obviously getting a chance to spend time uninterrupted with my family. My parents house is a few hours outside of Chicago and we’re very much in the country when we’re there. Our turkey was from a nearby farm – it was delicious! – and we spent lots of our free time walking in the woods. An excellent holiday by all accounts.

There’s something you should know about me – I’m a terrible cook. No one ever asks me to bring food to holidays – I’m the pop and snacks girl. But this year was different! I made a pie that was raved about and managed not to mess up the potatoes. I’ll count that as a major win. Now there is pressure to repeat that for Christmas…God give me strength!!

But to be really honest there was never a question that this holiday was going to be great. My family has had a rough year and we were glad for the time together and for the fact that 2014 is almost over. For the first time in our lives I think we will all get into the New Years Eve spirit. (It has never been a big holiday for us before.) There was one major surprise though: The Weather. I love Chicago but our winters are no joke. And as I’m sitting here typing this on Saturday afternoon the snow has completely melted from our yard and the temp is in the mid-50’s. Unreal! I haven’t yet looked at the 10-day forecast but I’m glad the snow cover is gone for now. It was too early for the grass to disappear.

The only real low of the week was having to leave the festivities early, which is hardly a low in the grand scheme of things. This time can be hard, but I know that our little family will have greater opportunities in the future because of it.

Lastly, there’s no coffee for me this week, which you would know if we were meeting for real. We’re on a “carb rest” (the most ridiculous term for a diet that I’ve ever heard) between now and Christmas and are trying to clean up our eating overall. Have your favorite holiday drink for me though!!

And if you have a favorite paleo-ish food blog, let me know! I’m on the hunt for easy weeknight meals.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving recap: Coffee Date, Volume 4

    1. Sara Post author

      Thanks! My mom and husband are both phenomenal cooks so I’m usually stuck chopping/stirring/cleaning, but it was fun to claim something as my own. Happy holidays!


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